This list features those that are responsible for bringing Wildlife Showdown to the arcade near you!

Zowieberner Edit

Winston sc2 portrait overwatch by plank 69-d9fyv1a

Zowieberner's SC2 Icon

Zowieberner, also known as robin on European servers and as ZergedRobin on Battlenet, is the creator of both Critter Planet and Wildlife Showdown. He has been an active starcraft 2 map maker since early 2011 and started working on Critter Planet in the summer of 2012 with his side-kick DemonlordM as primary tester and idea pitcher.

He has stopped working on Critter Planet, but continues to actively update Wildlife Showdown. His current side-kicks are Sunnivah and Kingstefan123.

His other works include maps like Utopian Disaster and Zombiecraft.

DemonlordM Edit

Dehaka SC2-HotS Head1

DemonLordM's Starcraft 2 Icon

DemonlordM served as the main tester for the early stages of Critter Planet and other projects as Zombiecraft and Utopian Disaster. He continues to test Zowieberner's maps and pitch ideas but much less feverishly then before due to his time constraints. He is a avid fan of Starcraft since the release of the original Starcraft in 1999 and was a beta-tester for several maps in Warcraft 3 left unnamed due to lack of participation. He spends his days now playing league of legends.