The Karak is a race featured on Wildlife Showdown. They live in a great herds, that are overseen by their Herdleaders.

Their sharp beak makes them a dangerous species to provoke, even when wearing armor. Their powerful leg muscles allows them to jump on and off cliffs, to seek the safety of high ground or to attack unsuspecting foes.

The Karak is one of the 2 free races on Wildlife Showdown, and was the first race to be implemented on both Wildlife Showdown and Critter Planet.

Gameplay Edit

Karak start

The Karak start their game with 1 Karak Nest, 2 female Karak, 2 male Karak and 1 Herdleader.

To start a game with Karak, you should make sure you start near fish or plants.

Male and females can eat the fish and plants to regen energy. The Herdleader can be used to take early towers and get evolutions and upgrades.

Most Karaks will be procreating the entire game with their female and males Karaks, and could use spare males and Herdleaders to take mineral towers.

If a Karak wishes to attack, he would be wise to enter the fray with his stalkers and armored karaks first, followed by their medics. They can use the rest of their forces to sneak behind the enemies by cliffjumping to flank the enemy.

Specialties Edit

What do Karaks excell at?

Armor Shredding Edit

The Karak is a race that specializes in dealing with mass races with high armor(for example Lava Crab).

  • All Karak have a special attack that ignores 70% of target's armor. Because of this, even without damage upgrade, the Karak will always deal decent damage versus targets with high amount of armor.
  • Most Karak units have 'piercing charge' that deals damage when charging towards an enemy. This damage ignores all armor.

Map Coverage Edit

The Karak have ways to move around the map at massive speed, giving them a huge map coverage:

  • Herdleaders give movementspeed buffs that can stack upto tremendous amounts.
  • Most Karak units are capable of cliffjumping.
  • Most Karak units have 'piercing charge' that increases their movementspeed.
  • Karaks can also procreate up to a huge mass, quickely. Their evolutionary upgrade allows them to upgrade their food energy income, making it virtually cost merely 60 energy to create a new karak.

Units Edit

This is a list with Karak units,

Male karak
Medic Karak

Evolutions and Upgrades Edit

Evolutions Edit

The Karak can only chose 1 out of 2 evolutionairy upgrades, compared to the default 2 out of 4 evolutionairy upgrades most races have. However, there no evolutions in the game that dictate the gameplay of a race as much as the Karak evolutions do.

The Karak evolutionairy upgrades:

Icon Description
Fish digestion

Fish Digestion

All newborn Karak will only be able to eat fish.

However gain double the amount of energy for every bite they take.

Cost: 8 minerals

Plant digestion

Plant Digestion

All newborn Karak will only be able to eat plants.

However gain double the amount of energy for every bite they take.

Cost: 8 minerals

Pick 1 out of 2

Upgrades Edit

Icon Description

Health Upgrade

 Increases the health of your critters by 15%.

 Heroic units gain 20%

Cost: 10 minerals


Damage Upgrade

 Increases the basic attack damage of your critters  by 10%.


Cost: 10 minerals

Ability power
Ability Power Upgrade Increases the buff effect of Herdmaster's aura.

 Increases damage done by piercing charge.

 Reduces energy drain of medic heals.

Cost: 8 minerals

Vespene Collection Upgrade  Gain +5 extra vespene every 50 seconds.

 This bonus is halved for every mineral producing tower you own, rounding all values up.

Cost: 4 minerals

May upgrade your Karak up to 6 times.