The Karak Medic is a Karak support unit that has the ability to heal friendly units. It functions mostly as a default SC2 Medic, but note that the Karak Medics also have an attack and can join the fray if the battle requires them to do so.

They can be morphed from female Karak and unlike most units in the game, the Karak Medic will actually still be able to procreate. Note that this will cost precious energy which the medic could use to heal up friends.

Tips Edit

  • Turn autocast off on heal while not in combat, or the medics will waste their energy on healing new born Karaks (new born units always start with about half hp). Make sure to turn autocast on when entering combat.
  • Karak Medics combined with Armored Karak can be very hard to deal with.
  • Medics can no longer cliffjump nor charge and will move slower than other Karaks. Keep this lowered mobility in mind when moving your forces.