The Karak Stalker is a Karak military unit that has some special passive abilities. Also is the only of the 3 karak vespene unit that retains it's ability to cliffjump.

They can be morphed from male and will still be able to procreate. The stalkers look like default Karaks but with a dark orange tint.

The Stalker passive gives multiple boons:

  • Movement speed upon damaging enemy.
  • Everytime they hit a massive unit, Karak Stalkers gain a temporal damage boost.
  • No longer gains day buff, but now has a nightbuff that s far superior to the default Karak day buff.

Tips Edit

  • Get Stalkers if the enemies are massive like bears or Ursadak. Else go for the Armored Karaks.
  • Karak Stalkers can pair up with Herdleaders to do skirmish attacks with their massive combined mobility.