Lyotes  are migrators and one of the best AD race for their well known damage    capacity, wich can lead to many dangerous situations.

They have a bit low HP though they are not a “Faith in numbers!” type of race but they can kill and counter some massers and tankers with an ease, Example: Lava Crab’s.

Their Units:

Lyote Male (needed for breeding)

Lyote Elder (needed for population limit)

Lyote Female (needed for breeding)

Lyote Warchanter (spell caster)

Lyote Bonecrusher(works like males but they are tankier)


Way of The Bloodfang

In this build you will need to go full dmg, malice, and bonearmor and then you will attack enemies from behing by luring them with bonecrushers.


+High Dmg

+When enemy is flanked enemy is in a bad time

+When enemy is a masser race you can kill them with an ease


-High Hp or high dmg foes can be a bit of trouble

-AP can be a bit of hassle

-Can’t do much without enough space for they don’t have Ranged


You can go balanced and choose the any spec upgrade you want.