Scantipedes are a nice race for beginners and good macro-micro players, Scantipedes are good against some low hp races for their spew abilty.They eat Meat, Mushroom and Plants

Scantipede Units:

Scantipede(need for procreation)

Devourer(their tanky uni)

Transport(can carry the queen)

Scantipede Procreating  Way:

Their queen is spawning eggs(limited to 3) they must eat food and fertilize on eggs, with an upgrade they can spawn eggs from enemies by killing them, rabbits always spawn eggs when they die.

Two Examples of Scantipede Builds:

Nomad: In Nomad Scantipedes have lotta transports and devourers, they will change position all the time while having maximum capacity of killing.

Queendom:In Queendom Scantipedes have many buildings in many areas, they are best at defending beacon.

Scantipede Upgrade Builds:

AP: 3 special attack 3 hp

AD: 3 dmg 3 hp

Tank(most unfamous): 6hp

Note that do not pick AP against tank races:


+Can easily mass

+Hunting is easy

+Got decent damage

+Nice Mobilty of Procreating Building


-Can be easily killed by AoE

-Can’t move much(like some races can cliff jump to flank them)

-Tank Races are their nightmare