The Urubu is a race featured on Wildlife Showdown. They are fragile scavengers, but can be deadly in groups.

Their claws are not highly damaging, but they are numerous and can surround a foe if they are caught solo. They can also fly in short bursts, which can allow them to rapidly cover ground and cut off an exit.

The Urubu is one of the 10 unlockable races, and is unlocked with [EVENT].

Rabbit Queen DNA from 3rd Pasch egg

Crab beetle from the Anomaly event

Gameplay Edit

To start a game with the Urubu, you should make sure you start nearby enough to plants to catch any nearby rabbits. Failing this, close to another player's starting location can help if you can catch their critters alone.

Urubus do not have male and females to lay eggs, rather they gain energy by eating meat, then regurgitate it into their nests to spawn new Urubu. If there is no food, the nest will passively generate 1 Urubu every 160 seconds.

Fat Urubu are their mainline units with double the health, increased damage, and an armor piercing attack. However they also have less armour, and slightly less speed.Single Urubus can be used at game start to capture mineral towers early.

If a Urubu wishes to attack, it would be wise to enter the fray with a few initial Urubus, then using the line of sight to bombard them with the Urubu nest attack if there are sufficient nests and Vespene. Failing this, using micro to surround your enemy is a valid tactic. Urubu's strength lie in their numbers, and in their leap - It can cover a surprisingly large distance.

Specialties Edit

What do Urubus excel at?

Massing Units Edit

Urubu can become very numerous, very quickly.

  • An Urubu nest will passively spawn an Urubu every 160 seconds, and new nests are relatively cheap to make. In addition to this, they have an upgrade which allows them to spawn an Urubu with each Urubu Strike which can be devastating with multiple nests, and closely packed foes.
  • It only takes 40 energy to spawn a new Urubu, and they have an upgrade which allows for double spawning. This applies to both the passive, and active spawning done. One rabbit's worth of meat can easily spawn another Urubu, and if you fight a pack of Urubu's and don't kill them all, they can create a nest there and recouperate their losses very quickly.

Units Edit


Fat Urubu

Evolutions and Upgrades Edit

Evolutions Edit

Unlike most races, the Urubu get 3 out of 5 evolutions to pick. These can vary the playstyle from one which uses massive amounts of Urubu to overwhelm you, or making individual Urubu and their special attacks more devastating.

The Urubu evolutionary upgrades:

Icon Description
Double SpawnDens now spawn 2 Urubu when reaching max energy.

However, the max life of Urubu's is halved, and the effect of the Withering Blast evolution is decreased.

Cost: 10 minerals

Call of the FlockUsing Final Squadron will now spawn an Urubu for every strike.

Cost: 7 minerals

Regenerative GlandsAllows Urubu to regenerate their HP passively.

Urubu will restore 0.1 hp/second, while Fat Urubu will restore 0.5 hp/second.

Cost: 7 minerals

Urubu RainFinal Squadron will now do 2 extra damage to small critters, and sends extra Urubus based on the missing percentage of your supply.

Cost: 7 minerals

Withering BloatWhen an Urubu dies, Wither 2 nearby enemies for 2 seconds.

The duration of the wither is increased by 1 second for every health upgrade you get.

Getting the double spawn evolution decreases wither duration by 2 seconds.

Cost: 7 minerals

Pick 3 of 5.

Upgrades Edit

Icon Description

Health Upgrade

 Increases the health of your critters by 15%.

 Heroic units gain 20%

Cost: 10 minerals


Damage Upgrade

 Increases the basic attack damage of your critters  by 10%.


Cost: 10 minerals

Urubu Speed Upgrade Upgrades the movement speed of all Urubu.

Increase damage of Final Squadron ability, and the range of the fly ability.

Cost: 7 minerals

May upgrade your Urubu up to 6 times.